Atlin Community (unincorporated)


The little community of Atlin, often called “Little Switzerland of the North” offers a true northern Spirit. It is located beside the largest natural lake in British Columbia. With a rich gold mining history, Atlin offers many outdoor activities year round.

Besides the majestic landscape, Atlin displays an active village. There is well established basic infrastructure that offers Services to its people who live there permanently or part time. Mainly during the summer, tourists from many parts of the world visit Atlin to enjoy the scenery.



Street Impression
View of Marina and Lake Shore Line
Winter Impression
Marina and Float Plane Docks

If you would like additional visual impressions of the Atlin Area, you can follow various youtube video links below. 

A very short first impression is provided by this video:

The travel pro John Lovelace from West Coast Escapes TV likes the area as well and he has his own special view on Atlin which he documented in the following video:

Atlin Community Projects

Atlin is also a vital community with lots of volunteers driving the town. Many important community projects are using the rich resources of the area.

Atlin has a rich history through the Taku River Tlingits and the Gold Rush Era from 1898 on. Several impressions and backgrounds can be seen here:

Official Websites

If you prefer more website impressions or if youtube is not an option on your computer we have listed a few recommended websites that may be of interest to you.

Official BC Government and Atlin Provincial Park Websites with significant background information regarding their services can be found here:

Atlin websites for visitors, people who live there and all other interested people can be found here: