What you can expect from Atlin Terraces Lake View Properties

Atlin Terraces Properties offer many criteria to maximize your investment. 

Privacy on perfectly sized Lots

The lots are designed to offer maximum privacy for a reasonable price. No intense commercial activity with heavy traffic is planned for the subdivision.

Due to the fact that the terrain of the Atlin Terraces Subdivision slopes nicely down on three levels of rocky terraces, each terrace and section has its own unique charm. Potential building sites are naturally determined by the landscape and are located away from each other.


Perfect building locations with a great view from most properties of Atlin Lake and/or Monarch Mountain.
In the development of Atlin Terraces lots, it was always of prime importance to capture the phenomenal views of Atlin Lake and Teresa Island on the Southwest and/or of Monarch Mountain to the East.

Subdivision Character allows all the Advantages of a good Neighborhood

Imagine the advantages of building your dream home in an area where you can develop good relations with neighbors who live not too close and not too far away. Whether creating house sitting opportunities when you are absent, helping each other with small things or just having a chat, being in a great neighborhood may be an important factor for you and your family, especially if you are new to Atlin.
You will discover that people who choose to call Atlin home display a unique norhern spirit with a warm heart, and live a different lifestyle compared to those who live in larger communities.

Access to Electric Power, Internet and Telephone

Often living in pristine areas means having the disadvantages of poor access to electric power, internet or telephone. This is not the case for this project.

Atlin Terraces Lake View Properties are located on the west side of Warm Bay Road where main utility lines run.

This means that you will be able to have all the conveniences in your private and business life living in the Atlin Terraces Subdivision as you would have if you lived in a suburban area.

The main electric power line runs along Warm Bay Road on the East end of the Atlin Terraces Lake View Subdivision. An additional power line was erected along Atlin Terraces Road in 2015 to bring electricity even closer to the individual property lines without blocking the view.

Internet is available through Atlin Community Network via downlink from a repeater which is located across the lake on Atlin Mountain.

Regular telephone service is available from the lot line as well what makes an easy connection possible.


The public school is located 6 km from the subdivision and a 
school bus picks up your children each morning as the school bus route is along Warm Bay Road. 

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Close Distances to Social Life and Business

You would like to live on a private property in a breathtaking landscape but you also want to be a part of social and/or business life?

No problem because Atlin Terraces Lake View Properties are close to Atlin (6.7 km) with shops, pubs and restaurants, art gallery, hotels, Government Office, Police Station and all the other amenities a small vital community has to offer.

Year round All Weather Access on Paved Public Roads

You do not need to be concerned about reaching your property in winter or driving on muddy, narrow, back country roads on wet, rainy days.

All roads to the subdivision are well-marked, paved roads with public road services and snow removal provided for your safety year round.

This means that you can invite your guests to your new property without fearing that they may get lost somewhere in the bush or stuck on the road.

Building Support Available

These new properties have been developed so lots can be used in many different ways to meet multiple needs.

Whether you would like to build a family home for year round living or wish to use your new property as a vacation home, we have building lots that will meet your needs.

We provide after sale service with local builders who know what does and does not work in the area and on the individual lots in the Atlin Terraces Properties.

Reasonable Prices

In all cases we offer you reasonable fixed prices for the beautiful view lots in Atlin Terraces Properties.

In the development phase we worked with local and regional experts and businesses and they provided service that was both fast and efficient. We were pleased to support the local businesses and community while developing this subdivision.

Atlin Terraces prices are transparent and include:

  • Subdivided individual property with Land Title as described in section "Properties for Sale"
  • Development costs for access roads to all new lots (except for 20 m to lot 9)
  • Costs for main hydro lines 50 m to lot line and closer
  • Costs for all required surveying and waste water percolation testing as well as initial clearing where needed
  • Legal costs for subdivision, covenants and registering lots at BC Land Title Office
  • Commission costs on lot sales and others 

The development of Atlin Terraces Lake View Properties was planned so that your investment into an extraordinary landscape would receive a great return even if you do not touch your property for years.