Atlin Terraces Subdivision Facts at a Glance

All Atlin Terraces Properties are certified by the B.C. Government regarding modern subdivision criteria.

Public Access to each new Lot by a new Paved Road

A brand-new road, approximately 700m long with a cul-de-sac at the end, provides access for all types of vehicles including construction and emergency vehicles. This low traffic paved road makes access for you and your visitors easy and enjoyable.

No road building costs will apply to Atlin Terraces Lake View Properties. 


Tested and Approved Septic Management System and Access to Drinking Water

  • All properties have completed a percolation test with good results.
  • Primary and secondary septic fields for waste water management are marked on the lot plan and registered on the title.
  • You can either drill a well or opt for potable water delivery from official sources like 60% of Atlin people do.


Comfortable Lot Sizes in Accordance with B.C. Subdivision Guidelines can be used for multiple Purposes


  • Family Home
  • Small Business
  • Vacation Home
  • Land Investment

Legal Survey Plans and registered Titles per Property

  • Legal Survey Plans have been developed to fit government requirements.
  • All individual properties are registered at the B.C. Land Title Office.
  • A covenant building scheme is registered on each title to ensure that minimum privacy of each lot is respected and the subdivision functions as a neighborhood.  

Environmental Topics have been carefully reviewed

  • Atlin Terraces Lake View Properties have been developed on previously untouched natural ground. Therefore, no cleanup operations were required.
  • All properties are approximately 250-300 m away from the shoreline of Atlin Lake, therefore, the required 30 m building setback distance to shoreline and potential problems with waste water management do not apply.
  • All lots are located on an elevation which is about 50 m higher than lake level. They are well protected against any potential flooding of the lake.
  • Please note that generally new boat or float plane docks on shorelines on new properties are no longer allowed in British Columbia. However, the strip between the west side of the subdivision and Atlin Lake shoreline is Crown Land. This provides the opportunity for Atlin Terraces Property Owners to have close access to shore line. You can use this area for gentle recreation, canoeing and boating. The next closest marina and boat ramp is in “downtown” Atlin which is easy to reach from the subdivision.

Final Lot Plan after Subdivision