Background on the Development Process

Atlin is an area where the pristine Atlin Provincial Park and breathtaking Crown Land dominate the land scape. It is a rare opportunity to be able to develop new properties and especially great lake view lots such as these. We are pleased to offer them for sale to the public.

The Atlin Terraces Subdivision Project was possible because 15 acres (ca. 60,000 Square Meters) of existing undeveloped property within the rural townsite of Atlin became available for purchase.


In 2013 the developer began talks with the B.C. Government regarding a subdivision. The process followed B.C. Government Subdivision Regulations.

Examples of Main Criteria for a new Subdivision in B.C. are:

  • Public access to each new lot by a new road
  • Access to drinking water
  • Tested and approved septic management system
  • Minimum lot sizes
  • Legal Survey Plans
  • Environmental issues and
  • Certain other factors such as setback distances and 100year floodplain


The application process started in August 2013. After an intense review program by the B.C. Government the subdivision was approved under B.C. Subdivision Regulations in February 2014 and all new lots were registered at the B.C. Land Title Office in 2014.